General Blog: The Elegoo Tumbller

13th February 2021

To get started on this blog I thought I’d give a quick breakdown of what’s going on. Despite engineering being a practical ‘ hands-on’ degree, recent unmentionable events have meant that college continues to be online for the remainder of the semester. This blog is the result of a contingency plan to assess us for Semester 2.

Alas, fear not, just because it’s for college doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! After almost a year of writing notes and staring at screens behind a desk, we finally get to implement some actual engineering that requires me to use my brainpower and not just press Ctrl+F.

This blog will consist of me documenting my epic journey as I attempt to navigate the two formidable foes that are SolidWorks and Arduino, alongside many other obstacles. I plan on doing the following:

  • Full CAD render of the robot
  • Assembly of the robot
  • Construction of the track
  • Program the robot to navigate the track
  • Design modifications to the robot
  • Build a Ping Pong ball launcher to shoot balls onto the robot to collect(I know!)
  • Build a Rube Goldberg Machine that implements the Elegoo Tumbller

We’ve been given a pretty strong creative license by our lecturer so expect some slight adjustments along the way. I’ll be giving more updates on what each section entails as I approach it, but for now, building the CAD model is the next step. Keep an eye on the blog or my Instagram: @ciaranoflannagain_engineering to stay up to date. Instagram will offer more of a layman’s approach to my engineering process, while these blog will have more intricate details. Anyway, that’s all for this general blog, please feel free to check out the other ones to see how I’m getting on!

Instagram: @ciaranoflannagain_engineering